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tv   The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training  KOFY  March 22, 2014 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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[panting] [panting] let me see it. wait a second. ahh. glad to see you're still in training, engelbuns. keep it up, stein. jose, miguel, cuidanse bien. [speaking spanish] hey, jose. hey, miguel.
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are you clods going to play some ball? we're waiting for the coach. to hell with him. we got to practice! i know who he is. not buttermaker? worse. mr. manning. mr. manning from the high school? uh-huh. he's mean. pushed someone off the high dive because he couldn't swim. he threw a basketball in a kid's face, then he made the kid wipe up the blood. whatever you do, do not look into right field.
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look alive, gentlemen. take your seats and let's begin. gentlemen, we have a serious game coming up in between a double-header at the houston astrodome. we'll be in a professional arena. we'll be in front of a lot of people. the winner of this game will play a team in japan. i expect to be prepared to win this game. tanner boyle? here. timothy lupus? timothy lupus? the looper ain't here.
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where is he? looper broke his leg skateboarding. miguel agilar? si. speak up, son! up! up! si! jose agilar? here. have you got something in your mouth, son? gum. did i give anyone permission to chew gum? no. no. i'm going to make this simple. if you want anything, i don't care what it is, you ask my permission beforehand. in other words, gentlemen, don't... assume anything. who sent this guy, hitler? what's your name, son? elton. elton what?
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john. you have something to say to the group, elton? no. then pick up your stuff and get out of here. what for? move it, elton! i said move it! now! geez. god. don't come back on this field till you can act like a ballplayer. ahmad abdul rahim? here. why don't we just make that andy, make things a little easier? andy? good. hey, what's going on? that guy kicked me off the team. gentlemen, i'm going to add another word to the board.
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kelly leak! [indistinct] [revs motor] son, i suggest you take-- [revs motor] now, look. don't-- you talking to me? i want you to-- all right. all right. hey, coach, take a walk. you've been fired. [revs motor] enough! enough! you listen to me! do you hear me? i said listen to me!
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you get off this field! sit down! shut up and sit down! you'll never make it to houston without a coach! you come back here! i'll break every bone in your body! come back! hey, big looper. engelberg's here, too. here he is now. hey, big looper. what's going on? see your picture yet? my dad took this last season. we just had it blown up.
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great shot, huh? big looper makes a big play. tanner's got something else. an official bears autographed ball. it's the only one in existence. see? it's got everybody's name on it. thanks. everyone says they wish you were going with us. you mean if we're going. we don't have a coach or a pitcher. what about the prize-- the game in japan? who wants to go to japan anyway? the food's terrible. looper... if we win the prize, will you go with us next time? yeah.
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hey, kelly! hey, man! kelly, where have you been? i hear you're still trying to get to houston. they won't let us go without a coach. you still looking for a pitcher? i got one for you. why, you going to play? play with you turkeys? you're kidding. then who's the pitcher? yeah. who is this guy? what's his name? carmen ronzonni. you guys can do it. you got rhythm. just move a little bit more. come on, the race ain't over yet. way to go, rudi! all right! you got to move a little bit. nice-looking bunch of boys. come here for a second. hey, guys, this is carmen. why don't you come over here for a minute? played baseball back east. yeah, heavy action back east, man.
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by way of introduction, i'm what you call your basic versatile ball thrower. all you guys heard of catfish hunter, right? well, ok, then, here's the cat. man on first. watch the head movement. back like this, and in. catfish hunter. you want louie tiant? you got this. louie tiant, a real sharp pitcher. that's basically where i'm coming from. he's just a cruddy pitcher that throws air balls. tanner, come on. cool it. come here. kelly, what's this kid all about? i don't want to pound the little man, but i can't go for the attitude. don't worry. tanner's cool. i can't go for it. what about you, kelly? did you change your mind about playing?
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yeah. yeah! all right! but why did you change your mind? i got my reasons. we still need a cruddy coach. how bad do you guys want to play that game in texas? real bad. listen, we've got a coach. who? who is it? listen to kelly, man. i'm looking right at him. lester? aw, come on. you mean lester, the walking bimbo? he's so dumb, he can't even talk! like i said, tanner, we've got a coach. now, who's with me? are we going to tell our folks we got an idiot for a coach? that's crazy. they'll never buy it. wait. we'll tell them the truth. tell them the truth? so, listen. who is this fellow anyway? oh, you mean coach eastland? he's been with parks and recreation for years.
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this, uh, this coach-- lester. lester what? eastland. didn't i have a kid named george eastland in class one year? i don't know. el tiene que salir con las muchachas. tiene que pasar aqui con los hijos. have you heard anything about mike's new coach? no. there's a new coach? mike, do you think he's a good coach? sure. he's been around ball fields all his life. that makes him a good coach? who's going with you as a chaperone? coach. coach who? eastland. have you ever heard of him? when will we meet him? when we leave and you drop me off there. we'll leave from his house. how much will you need? $25. maybe a little more, huh? i suppose so. i could run into a little trouble. well, how much? mmm, about 15.
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$15 isn't much for a week. how are you going to eat? let him starve. oh, darryl, will you please? be quiet. about 20. 75 or 80. por que necesita los cuatros dolares? $4.00... for both of us. how's he doing? i got him to say, "hello. how are you?" well, how about "glad to meet you"? it's a possibility. [no audible dialogue] hello. how are you? hello. how are you? ¿como esta?
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hey, coach! we're here. hello. how are you? i'm fred engelberg. this is my wife nancy. i guess you know michael. you take care of him for us, coach. hello. how are you? hey! hello. how are you? wow! is this it? this is it, man. all right! hello! hello! how are you? bye-bye. hello. how are you? hello. how are you? you take care, you hear? give me a hug. bye, mom. be cool. call us if you need us. ok, let's go. grab my bag, tanner. it'll fit.
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hello. hello. how are you? come on, tanner. get in. oh, wow. good-bye! move it. come on. [honk honk] good-bye! let's jam. yeah. good-bye! good-bye! good-bye! good-bye! good-bye! good-- bye. bye. bye.
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look out, astrodome! here we come! watch out! you sure you know how to drive this thing? listen, dude, i'm from van nuys. i was born to drive. where'd you guys get this van anyway? a friend. he owed us a favor, see? so, uh, this is your friend's van? well, like, he borrowed it from another guy. well, uh, who's the guy? some dude who's out of town. my friend says if we return the van in a week, we got no problem. you mean we're riding in a stolen vehicle. stolen? stolen! oh, no! we're going to the joint, man! hey, hey! let's look at the positive side. recent fbi figures estimate that only 20% of all car thieves are apprehended, only 14% in the first week after the theft. so at least the odds are in our favor. tell that to the guy behind us. i knew it! we're going to the joint for sure!
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miguel, if you spit on me again-- come on, tanner! what will we do if he pulls us over? hey, hey! can we be cool about this? one guy should do the looking. engelberg, what's he doing? nothing. he's just driving. i know! he's calling in our license to the man, and he's making reservations at the joint! shut up, ahmad! cool it, tanner! come on! he's pulling alongside! he's making his move! all right, be cool.
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[carmen] yeah! all right! ♪ the road is open and we're rollin' through ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good ♪ we got a dream, it maybe could come true ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good ♪ if we just stay loose now ♪ ♪ we'll come out all right ♪ ♪ there's something telling me our time is now ♪ ♪ it's just a whisper, but i know somehow ♪ ♪ we got to listen, got to do it now ♪ ♪ life is looking good
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♪ looking good ♪ looking good ♪ for you and me hey, you guys, will you listen for a second? do you guys want to be major league about this, or do you want to act like some small-time team? here's how they do it-- everybody tosses what they got into one fund, except for a couple of bucks personal dough for toothpaste, books, what have you. then we elect a treasurer. he watches over the books and pays the team's bills. you want me to be treasurer? ok, fine.
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i want ogilvie. yeah. ogilvie's reliable. ogilvie would probably be better. he's honest, too. ok. you want ogilvie? fine. ok, let's all put it in the hat. how much? we got plenty to get to houston now. i still don't like the idea. 11, 12... hi. my parents sent me in. they're in the van. we'd like to rent a room. a double? sure. how much is that? it'll cost you $24. let me check with my dad. dad, is $24 all right? how many rooms? one room, dad. get it. we'll take it. how come your folks didn't come in? well, ever since the big fire, they've been quite self-conscious about showing themselves in public. how much can plastic surgery really do?
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come on, move it, ahmad! i'm moving. don't push me! i call that bed! wow. this room is great. oh, no. we can't even use it. how come? it's being sanitized. they've got it blocked off with paper. oh, great. let's call the colonel! is this the only other bed? how are we all going to sleep here? hey, i called that bed! hey, nobody called nothing, man. i called it, you dumb-- that's it! fight! hey, cool it! he didn't mean it, all right? [ kelly ] knock it off. he didn't mean it. aw, take the bed! who needs it? i'm going out to get something to eat.
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does anybody want to come? what do you mean, biscuits and coleslaw are extra? hey, how you doing? uh, sorry. i've got to see your i.d. what for? you've got to be 21. hey, what am i going to do, drink it? i'm sorry. that's the law. geez. when you're 21, you've been there and back. how do they expect us young guys to learn anything? really, i don't. i'll get you! [ogilvie] you're in the way.
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all right, kiddies. hey, toby, where did kelly go? he said we were acting like idiots, and he took a walk. he looked kind of strange, though. hey, that's his style. the last of the lone eagles-- charles lindbergh, james dean, kelly leak. who's this guy he knows in houston? just some guy he used to know. don't worry now. kelly's cool. he's cool. boys...
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i haven't a thing to say. you played a great game... all of you. great game. i guess we just can't expect to win them all. i'm going to tell you something i've kept to myself for years. [mike] tanner, would you shut that thing off? none of you ever knew george gipp. he was long before your time. but you all know what a tradition he is at notre dame. the last thing he said to me-- "rock," he said... "sometime, when the team is up against it "and the breaks are beating the boys, "tell them to go out there with all they got and win just one for the gipper."
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"i don't know where i'll be then, rock," he said, "but i'll know about it, and i'll be happy." notre dame victory march plays] [sniff] what are we waiting for? let's go! let's go! come on! yeah! let's go!
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he's always talking about safety and everything. come on! shh, would you? i'm on the telephone. anyway, don't worry about it. i'll talk to you later. ok, mom? finally.
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hi. how's it going? all right. nice to see you. wow. thanks, but, uh, no, thanks. aw, come on! come back! ♪ there's something tellin' me our time is now ♪ ♪ it's just a whisper, but i know somehow ♪ ♪ we've got to listen, got to do it now ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good
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ah ha ha! come on! kelly, could we make a stop? i got to go to the bathroom. oh! oh, no! it happens! come on, engelberg! ♪ there's something tellin' me the time is now ♪ ♪ it's just a whisper, but i know somehow ♪ ♪ we got to listen, got to do it now ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good wow, what an emergency. ♪ for you and me all that equipment! and jackets. look at that! my time and distance charts say we should be in houston by thursday morning. so we'll rent a room and get some sleep before practice.
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why are they looking at us like that? anybody got a peace pipe? hey, be cool. be cool. do you play baseball? he wants to know if we play baseball. yeah, we play occasionally, you know, here and there. we're playing the dome this sunday, but that's about it. ha ha ha! we play baseball, too. let's go, tanner! all right, tanner. let's go. let's get a home run! come on, tanner. this one's going out of the park. let's get a home run. come on, tanner. let's go. this one's going out of the u.s. of a.! all right, tanner! yes! run! lucky play. lucky play.
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wow. good try, tanner. off the rock? take away your rock, and you got nothing. all right, let's go. let's go, ahmad! go get 'em! let's go! come on! whip these guys! let's go! it's all right. you got two more. come on. aw. aw. come on. come on. yeah! strike! come on, ahmad. it's cool. let's go. don't worry about it. don't get mad. come on, engelberg! come on. send it home! let's go, engelberg. got a hit. go, go, go! go, man! he got it. i guess that's what they mean by the home field advantage. talk about luck. come on, let's get 'em! all right! hey, engelberg. come here.
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there's something that we got to talk about. and that's signals, signs. all right? now, one means fast ball, two--curve, three--slider, four--knuckler, five--sinker, six--change-up, seven--screwball, and eight-- dipsydoodle. if you want something like an intentional walk, just yell, "intentional walk," 'cause nobody gives a doodle about that anyway. have a good game. all right! hey, batter, batter, batter! hey, batter, batter, batter! hey, batter, batter, batter! swing! sorry about that. hey, i thought you said you could pitch. yeah. just throw it down the middle. trying to kill him or something? hey, batter, batter, batter! hey, batter, batter! swing! hey, i'm sorry about that. really, i-- hey, i'm sorry. i didn't mean-- i said i was sorry. guys, he's not doing it on purpose.
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he just needs more warm-ups. he's just a cruddy pitcher. hey, listen, everything's cool. it's cool. i'm serious. what, are you crazy? you said you could pitch. hey, no rosin, stinking field, no warm-ups. carmen-- hey, batter! hey, bat-- come on, get the ball! throw it in! throw it in! relay! come on, get it! relay, relay! throw it in! come on! come on.
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hey, batter, batter, batter! come on! throw it! relay, relay! come on! come on, get off! hey, batter! hey, batter, batter! come on, carmen! hey, batter! couldn't you throw it a little harder, please? they're hitting every one you throw. oh, great. [toby] come on, you guys. look alive. [carmen] engelberg, what are you doing? come on, engelberg! [mike] carmen, try to get at least one guy out. aw! aw! it's going to go... man, it went in the graveyard. forget it. terrific, carmen. looks like we've been scalped.
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hey, anybody got change? who's got money? i got money if anybody needs to borrow some. "dear looper, "ronzonni makes me sick. "he can't even pitch. "nobody thinks we can win. "your pal, tanner boyle. "p.s. i saw a good movie the other night. you'd like it."
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engelberg, can't you just-- it happens. i can't control things like this.
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hey, you guys. there's the dome. oh, man. we're going to be playing in that? hey, don't worry. they're probably just a bunch of dirt farmers. couldn't throw the ball to save their grandmother. tell me about it. hut hut hut hut hut hut hut! [man] together! do it together! together! together! hut hut hut hut! do you understand "together"?
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hut hut hut hut! hut hut hut hut! hut hut hut hut! hut hut hut hut! hut hut hut hut! ten-hut! you got a big game coming up! you got to do it together! are you going to win it? sir! yes, sir! arms up! [honk honk] hey, how you doing, mr. orlansky? morrie, call me sy, please. well, they're looking real good, aren't they, sy? where the hell's the other team? they'll be here any time now. i understand they got some tough competitors. they got some tough leagues in california. they should've been here by now. they're going to be here any time now. carl! listen, sy, i just want to tell you how much we appreciate your organization getting us this astrodome game. i just want you to know
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you're sure as hell going to get your money's worth. carl, what time are the bears supposed to get here? this morning, far as i know. it's noon now! listen, morrie, i don't want any problem here. i got people to answer to. you get a team here tomorrow, latest. yes, sir. yes, sir. we'll get right on it. as long as i don't have a problem, morrie. that's all i ask. no problem. no problem at all. no problem at all. carl. sir. i can't afford to wait any longer. i want you to get hold of el paso and see if they're still available. what about the bears? hell, he'll never know the difference.
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it's cool. hey, how about it? hey, guys, come on. all right. oh. thank god. i'm going right to bed. come on, engelberg. oh, god. i'm tired. do you have any idea who owns that van out front? let's see. if i'm not mistaken, it belongs to a ball team. what kind of ball team? a ball team of midgets. that's what they looked like.
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if you ask me, the ball team is clean. i don't have no trouble from the little people. then again, you know, i can't be sure. oh, my god! what in the hell is this? all right, officers, let's get the kids all in here. it's all over now. we're going to the joint for sure. come on. sit down so i can talk to you. hey, folks, can you knock it off, please? can you knock it off a little? i know from mr. ogilvie that you're late for practice, so i'll make this as short as i can. first of all, who was responsible for driving that van here?
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what did you guys do, take turns or something? we'll get back to that later. whose van is it? ok, fellas, here's what we're going to do. we're going to run a tracer on that vehicle to see if there's a problem. everybody is to remain here until this is straightened out. give me a break, man! what'd we do? ok, one last question. who's your chaperone here? you mean our coach? yeah, your coach. who is he? he's not here right now. get him. right now? right now. what's he going to do? where's he going to go?
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what about lunch? we'll have lunch in the joint because that's where we're going-- the joint. hey, thanks a lot. hey, michael. hey, michael leak. michael? kelly? yeah. what's going on?
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not much. what are you doing here? playing baseball with a team called the bears. got a game out here. in houston? yeah. thought i'd be a nice guy and stop by and say hi. that's great. it's just a... it's just a game. no, i mean it's great that you stopped by. your cigarette. so you're part of a team, huh? yeah. what position you playing? playing left. left field, huh? i look different, don't i? how's your mom?
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she's ok. you look a lot like her. so they say. [honk] come on, mike. i'm late. hey, i'll just, um, sort of split. take it easy. hi, ruth. i want you to meet my kid kelly from california. hey, no kidding? what are you doing out here? just visiting. that's great. come on, mike. you promised. nice seeing you, kelly. hey, listen, michael. we need a coach. what? the team. we need a coach. mike.
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hey, listen, i'm working full time here now. how long will it take? the game's on sunday. ok, you got a coach. what else can i do? the team is in trouble back at the hotel. how could they get in trouble? you don't know the bears. stop that! stop that right now! i can't do anything about it. really. i can't do anything. please, give us a little time. we worked hard all season-- put out that butt, honky! give me a break, will you? could you help me out here? why don't you just go talk to her? hi. i'm coach leak. oh, look, let's, uh, let's talk outside.
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it's my old man. i won't stand in the way of their game. whatever happened on the road, i take it you weren't with them. no. well, whatever happened, it's not my jurisdiction. so long as they have an adult, the van checks out, i figure get them to the game. all right. you got tickets to the game? no. i'll see what i can do. oh. thanks. take care of yourself. yeah. everything's ok.
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[tanner thinking] dear looper, nobody even knew that kelly had a father. i don't think they like each other. your pal, tanner boyle.
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i don't know if anybody told you or not but we don't need a coach. we just need somebody to go onto the field with us. ok. we're going to warm up for a while, make sure we're in good shape. ok. i'm just going to go on over here and... if you all need me, just holler. i'll hit some out. all right! let's go! let's get 'em. all right.
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hi. [mike] come on, carmen. right down the pipe. good pitching, carmen. good pitching. let's go. come on. hey, fellows, wait. time out. just a second. come on! i'm rusty. i'm not trying to bean you. just throw the ball. yeah. here we go again. come on. let's get going. that's the way. get it over. get it over. ok. you got it. you got it. i got it! i got it!
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what, are you trying to kill me over here? go for it, jose. oh! how could i miss that? come on, miguel. you got it. aw, come on! i got it! i got it! get the ball, feldman. get the ball, jose. it's your ball! get the damn ball, feldman! you get it! you hit it!
2:02 pm
you turkeys can play by yourselves. god! oh, i'll get it! come on. get it over, carmen. come on, tanner. let's go. come on! carmen, right down the pipe. put it right in there. right down the pipe. carmen, what are you doing? he's got to play. you spaz! can't even pitch! dumb spaz! what are you trying to do, hit me? cool it. he can't even pitch! we don't need you! get off the field! leave me alone! oh, god. i'm going to kill you! [ogilvie] ow! get off of me! get off of me!
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i mean it. get off of me. aw! my stomach! get off of my stomach! i can't take it. get off of my stomach. knock it off! hey, you guys, what do you say? you done practicing yet? i don't want to rush you. i'm in no hurry. sir, i know things aren't looking all that sharp right now. i'd say they're looking pretty poor. sometimes we're the bad news bears. sometimes we're just bad news, if you know what i mean. well, anyway, if there's anything you can do to straighten things out, i'm sure we'd all appreciate it. yeah. yeah. you bet. why don't we get cleaned up and go get some lunch? i'll see what i can do.
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what happened? they cut me out! whoa! whoa! whoa! "when asked why they made the journey, "one young player said, 'we came for looper,' "their teammate lying in bed, unable to attend the game." all right, tanner. all right! all right! now that we've got coach leak, what does this mean for the toros? [boys together] bad news for the toros! yay! yay! ok, let's go. come on. all right. they won't let us play. they got another team! they have to let us! wait. what are you talking about? look!
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what's going on here? we didn't show up in time. we can't play. hold my glove. you guys wait here. a little pepper ball in there, kid. very nice. hang on to that! great day, huh? oh, it's beautiful. couldn't be better. yeah. yeah. have a beer. games like this across the country. greatest thing in the world for baseball, kind of making the american dream come true, huh? i'm mike leak, coach of the bears. sy orlansky. good to meet you, sy. nice bunch of little ball players you got there. i've been watching them all morning.
2:06 pm
those aren't the bears. the bears are over there. you mean those aren't the kids in the paper? those are the kids in the paper. but these are the california champs. no. those aren't the california champs. there's the california champs. i thought we were getting the california champs. well. slaytor! slaytor! hey, kid, tell your coach to come on over here, will you? how you doing, sy? morrie, what's with the mix-up? there ain't any. we brought in another team. the first team didn't show up. they're standing right behind you. where the hell is their coach? coach's right here.
2:07 pm
hi, morrie. i'm mike leak. i've heard a lot about you. just-- wait a minute, fellows. here, have a beer, morrie. morrie. come here a minute tell el paso to go home. they just got here. morrie, morrie, listen to me. look at this, the morning paper. these kids come out here to win the prize for their friend. that's a good story. people like good stories. i want this team, the team in the paper. it shouldn't be such a big thing, huh? catch you in the dome, morrie. that who we're playing? guess so. i knew they'd be wimps. i thought they were sending us bears,
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not pygmies. just shut your cruddy mouth, ya rednecks? make me, little man. hey, cool it, man. we'll get them later. come on, man. don't worry. little wimps. [wolf whistle] kids, you're going to play. yay! yay! yay! all right! way to go! all right! all right! we still don't have a place to stay. yeah, what about that? what will we do? tanner, give mr. orlansky a fresh beer. you believe me if i said i want these kids to be happy? i want the whole gol' darn world to be happy. i don't know, sy. i've only known you a few minutes. what if i said
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sy orlansky is putting you all up personally? all right! yay! yay! hey. look at this! all right. get down. [tanner] look, guys, look. the astrodome! this is serious! we got color tv! oh, wow! hey, your room's bigger. where are you? 224. you can see the dome from our room! hey, kelly!
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everybody's in 325.
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think! think! think! think! think! all right. way to go. engelberg, with you, it will take more than thinking, but we'll get it done. surround the ball. clear it. right at his chest. once more, carmen. think. bad hop or anything-- that's it-- back to the plate. always aim at the first baseman's chest. whoa!
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once more. hey. and over to first. charge it. that's it. good throw. that's it. get set, now. where are you going? first. surround the ball. get set. stay with it. pick it up. ththat's it. charge it! charge it! that's it. come on. good throw. get set. get the ball, take one... and off this foot. now take a step. that's it. stay with it. good arm. try it, handsome. let's go. get set. ok. that's it. we got a champ there. lookin' good. get set on the ball. kelly, give it a try. i think i could do it. come on, let's go. give it a try.
2:16 pm
let's see your arm. all right, rudi, give it a shot. stay down. get set. watch the ball. carmen, knock it down here. [boys] did you see that? wow! neat! one more time. move the ball. that's it. move it to first. [toby] come on, tanner, hold on to those. come on. get on it. come on, tanner. that's it. all right. nice catch. yeah. good throw. oh, wow! you're doing great backing each other up. we're cooking. let's go. up up up! good arm. good stop, toby. way to go. nice catch. good arm. keep the ball in front of you. this spells doom for the toros. attack the ball. good try. stay with it.
2:17 pm
we'll make a shortstop out of you yet. all right! ow! ahh! all right! look, we're all using only one hand. you got to use two hands when you catch, step into the ball when it's in the air. so you're catching and throwing in the same motion. catch and throw in the same motion. one hand, you drop the ball. toby, come in here and field some. you hit them out. get rid of the cigarette. tell me about the catcher. oh, that's chip roberts. he was most valuable player three years in a row. um...what about that man who just slid into second? mick fincher. very fast.
2:18 pm
stole 35 bases last season. thanks. you've been very helpful. that's ok. do you need anything else? no. this is plenty. are you staying in texas long? we'd really like to show you around. i'm sorry, but we leave right after the game. uh, but thanks anyway. bye. bye-bye. ooh! i'm in love. nice of you to stop by, ogilvie. what's cooking? under normal circumstances, i would pray for rain, except it doesn't rain in the astrodome. that good, huh? last season, they were undefeated, 18-0. mr. leak! mr. leak, ronzonni's getting wilder. he says he's caught between his catfish hunter
2:19 pm
and his warren spahn. yeah? we'll have to help him. carmen, throw me that ball. you mean just throw it? yeah. throw it in here. appears to be all right. let's see it again. come again. one more. hey, hey. come on. just hit me here once more. come on. all right. now listen. cut out the catfish windups. forget about warren spahn and catfish hunter. i want to see you throw like carmen ronzonni. step up there and throw the ball.
2:20 pm
mike, give him a big target. just look at the glove and throw the ball. throw the ball right into the glove. all right! hey! throw the ball. big target now, mike. always give him a good target to throw to. hey, hey! all right? all right? all right! keep practicing. great! you're getting it. right here, kelly. right here. come on, rudi, attack it. back him up. that's it. that's it. [toby] good throw. good throw. come on. that's it, miguel. attaboy. what's with the cigarette business? stay with it. come on, ahmad. attaboy. you look silly.
2:21 pm
who do you think you are, my father? you angry at me for something? because if you are, i want to know about it. what do you want? you wanted me to be coach. you want to call this whole thing quits? put out the cruddy cigarette, kelly. what do you want me to do? i want nothing! you want me to go? [boys] put out the cigarette. listen, pal, i'm out here for you. you sure? come on, you guys! back up! you don't do that to me! you got that? get out of the way before you get hurt. i said no one does that to me. come on. let's go!
2:22 pm
i don't need you. hear that? i don't need you! all right, good catch. i don't need any of you! good throw, ahmad. did you hear that? i don't need you, any of you! all right, we're moving now. we're cooking. you're kelly leak, aren't you? i hear you're pretty good. they think they're hot 'cause their pictures in the paper. move. yes, sir. have you seen their coach? yeah. they got a big-- you're dead.
2:23 pm
you're a dead man. [man on tv] the temperature hit a high of 65 degrees. anybody seen kelly? his stuff's in his room.
2:24 pm
is he playing or not? kelly's cool. don't worry. we're next! sunday's astrodome game is almost a sellout. that doesn't bother these boys from california. sheila lansing reports. i'm with the california champs, the bears, who are preparing for their big game sunday at the astrodome. all right. yay! yay! i talked with the players. ahmad? yeah. all right. how do you feel about playing in the astrodome? well, sheila, we've worked hard. we've got what it takes to do the job. do i sound like that? our base running's coming along. i'm real positive about the game. we're expecting a real good game. boy, do i sound stupid. hey, hey. i'm next. next i'll talk to right fielder miguel agilar. all right! whoo!
2:25 pm
what happened? i was next. how do you feel about playing in the astrodome? miguel? this is sheila lansing in downtown houston. all right! yay! all right!
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
good shot. listen, you've stuck me with a bunch of kids in a hotel that say they can't play without you. what do you want to do about that, huh? you going to play or quit or what? don't you think your friends have a right to know?
2:28 pm
look, i'm sorry i got hot at you. this whole thing's about something else. maybe we should think about that. maybe we should deal with the fact that we're strangers, you know? you didn't recognize me at the plant. you didn't know it was me, did you? listen, it's been a long time. it's been eight years. you know why i know it's been eight years? because the day you left, you gave me this little blue bicycle. i was 5 years old,
2:29 pm
a little punk kid. you thought if i accepted the bicycle, i'd accept the deal. well, you were wrong. i didn't accept that bicycle. it's 8 years old, it's untouched, and still in my basement. listen, you want to be your own man, right? well, you got to remember one thing. being angry at me for the mistakes i've made won't change what happened. maybe. tell me something. if you didn't need a coach, would you have looked me up?
2:30 pm
you should think about that. [tanner voiceover] dear looper, today's the game. i hope we win. it'll be hard without kelly. your pal, tanner boyle.
2:31 pm
miguel, what's it like? yeah. what's it like? esta grande! esta grande! did anyone talk to kelly? hey, he'll be here. don't worry. he'll be here. bears, you got five minutes. well, when's he coming? soon. how do you know? you guys play baseball all the time, don't you? yeah, but not without kelly. how will we play without him? the same way you play with him-- the best that you can. come on. let's go. pull your chairs up. let's get this straight. we've just got to concentrate on what we worked on, and that was thinking, right? that's where our skills are. use your heads at the plate and on defense. before ogilvie reads the lineup, anybody got anything to say? i got something to say.
2:32 pm
we all know that timmy couldn't come with us, but if we go out there and win one for the looper... he'll know about it, and he'll be happy. kelly! kelly! ok, bears, let's go. what are we waiting for? all right! all right! all right! i knew you would be here. what does this mean to the toros? bad news for the toros! let's go! let's go! let's go! [announcer] ladies and gentlemen, as a special between-games attraction, the houston astrodome is presenting a special four-inning game between texas' champions, the houston toros, and the pride of the west coast, the california bears! those are the kids i was telling you about.
2:33 pm
wow! get them up! nice throw. nice throw. let's go. [carmen] i'm never gonna make it. hold on there a minute, son. there you go. you just saved my life. all right! hey, ronzonni. let's go, boy! let's play ball! [applause] [announcer] leading off for the toros, second baseman leon waterson.
2:34 pm
[boy] come on. hey, batter. strike. strike two! strike three! you're out! all right! all right, we got one. i did it! you did it! all right! way to go, tanner. let's go. you can do it, carmen. strike! hey, mac! what do you say? nobody gets on base. come on. come on. play at second.
2:35 pm
all right, ahmad, way to use your head. way to go. [morrie] what do you say now, frenchy? what do you say, kid? mr. leak, there's a fast man on first. [leak] keep your eye on him, carmen. take your time, carmen. bear down. [morrie] all right, all right. go ahead! run! he's going! oh, no! hey! did you get it in the shin? i hope it didn't hurt the baby bear. come on, guys. come on, get back to your positions. just let me play! wait a second. is your leg all right? yeah. sure you'll be able to play? yeah. maybe i should put ogilvie on short. all right, let's go. ok, batter. chip roberts. you can't throw him a fast ball. carmen, number three, babe. three.
2:36 pm
no change-ups, either. [announcer] a two-run home run. [announcer] after half an inning, the score is houston toros 2, the california bears 0. way to pitch, carmen. way to use your head, ahmad. we'll get it back. we'll get it back. no sweat. let's go. [leak] use your head up there, tanner. [announcer] shortstop tanner boyle. pitching for the toros... ed simpson. hey, give him a toothpick.
2:37 pm
aim at my shoelaces. you better shut up, you redneck. ok, boy, let's play now. shut up! come on, big fella. let's play ball. redneck. come on, let's go! come on, tanner, think. come on, now. hustle! come on! come on, hustle! you're out! [announcer] with one out, the batter, center fielder ahmad abdul rahim. all right, ahmad, think. give this guy a look. give him a look. this guy ain't got nothing. he's out! michael, you're the boss now. be tough. let's go. hey, look what we got here. we got a big enough target. don't pay any attention. come on, mike. [boy] batter! batter!
2:38 pm
out! all right! after one inning, the houston toros 2, the california bears 0. [leak] give him that mask, ogilvie. all right, mike. big target now. [tanner] come on, carmen, burn it in. ball four. take your base. that was a strike! same place, catch. bear down. think. throw strikes. [explosions ricocheting] what is this, a baseball game or the 4th of july? [moo] [announcer] the score is the houston toros 5, the bears 0. the bears coming to bat.
2:39 pm
go ahead, go ahead, go ahead! stand up. hold up! all right. one of the marx brothers is up. [leak] come on, toby, now. let's move him around. way to go! way to hustle! one down, kelly. one out. protect yourself. fire 'em in there. let's go! one out. miguel, you're the boss. tag up. tag up.
2:40 pm
go, go, go! he's coming home. throw the ball! he's out! easy out.
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
is the toros 5, the bears 0. the game's called. we're out of time. time! game is called. it's not over yet. i'm sorry. it's all over. i can't help it. let's go home, fellas. that's it. can they do that? no, they can't do that. hey. hey, you guys, where you going? what about the looper?
2:43 pm
we're not finished! you said a four-inning game. you didn't play fast enough. a game is a game. game's called. who's ahead? he's ahead. you win the game. we won! the game is over. that's all. let the kids play. why are you shutting it off? we're not finished! the game isn't over yet! they said four innings! how you doing? it's bob watson and cesar cedeño! what's up, fellas? we only had two innings. how's your game going? we'll meet you in the park, morrie. sonny. we'll meet you in the park. you guys got a lot of pull, i see.
2:44 pm
[all shouting] [crowd laughing] hey, guys. look at tanner. look at tanner. all right! take that. leave me alone! the game ain't over. i don't know. look at the little kid. leave me alone! go, tanner! go! come back here right now! come on, tanner. let the kids play.
2:45 pm
let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. [crowd] let them play. [crowd] let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play.
2:46 pm
let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. let them play. all right! the top of the third inning. [announcer] the houston toros at bat with one out. scott york is on first base. les kern at bat. here we go again, you guys. you're out!
2:47 pm
you're out! [announcer] after 1/2 innings, the score remains 5 to 0. you better back up, sucker. i feel good. [umpire] strike! you feel good? strike two. let's go. i feel better than ever. run like a butterfly, sting like a bee, i rounded second and i'm standing on three! you're a hitter now.
2:48 pm
let's go. [announcer] the score after three innings, the toros 5, the bears 2. all right, carmen. let's go! yeah! we're getting it going now! we're getting it going! yes! come on! strike! watch the ball, will you? strike three! you're out! somebody hit the ball! all right! ok, calm down. [morrie] run, run, run!
2:49 pm
mr. leak, fincher on first again. time out. keep that ball under your glove. keep looking at engelberg for a signal. when he leads off, tag him out. let's go! come on, carmen! hold your breath. [morrie] get up! get up! that's it! he's out. i got him! i got him!
2:50 pm
come on. keep alive out there!
2:51 pm
the houston toros 5, the california bears 2.
2:52 pm
last inning, you clods. let's get 'em! base run, base run. let's go. now, come on. what more do you want? ogilvie! you're a hitter, ogilvie. all right! out! hold up. in the air, go halfway. if it goes through, take third. come on, you're supposed to be the home run king. strike one!
2:53 pm
come on, kelly, you're the boss! come on, kelly, put me in! [boy] let's see something. let's go. hold up! way to go. let's go, handsome. there's one. strike one. i'm going to hit it. strike two! come on, handsome! i want to see you down here. strike three. you're out! toby, two outs, two down. go in on anything. i want to see something. bring them in. move them around!
2:54 pm
[boy] come on, simp. strike him out. you want a runner? all right, stay on that bag. stay awake, kel. let's get him out. two down. all right, heads up now, carmen. you're the winning run. what do you say, carmen? that's what we're here for, right? [crowd] we want a hit! we want a hit! we want a hit! we want a hit! we want a hit!
2:55 pm
we want a hit! ball! come on, carmen. stay awake! everybody, go. come on. put it in here. go! come on. throw the ball! go home! go! go!
2:56 pm
safe! hey, we did all right, didn't we?
2:57 pm
yeah. hey... remember when you asked me if i would have stopped by if we didn't need a coach? i was wrong. i would have. all right! ♪ now the road is open ♪ and we're rolling through ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good ♪ we got a dream that maybe could come true ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good
2:58 pm
♪ if we just stay loose now ♪ ♪ we'll come out all right ♪ ♪ there's something tellin' me our time is now ♪ ♪ it's just a whisper, but i know somehow ♪ ♪ we got to listen, got to do it now ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good ♪ lookin' good ♪ lookin' good for you and me ♪ ♪ the clouds have parted and the sun's come through ♪ ♪ and life is lookin' good ♪ there's nothin' we can't do ♪ ♪ and life is lookin' good ♪ if we hold together ♪ we're gonna be all right
2:59 pm
♪ there's something tellin' me our time is now ♪ ♪ it's just a whisper, but i know somehow ♪ ♪ we got to listen, got to do it now ♪ ♪ life is lookin' good ♪ lookin' good ♪ life is lookin' good for you and me ♪ ♪ if we just stay loose now ♪ we're gonna be all right
3:00 pm
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